Shenandoah District Western Youth Camp 2011

Snack Donations

Due no later than June 13

To keep the cost affordable for the Youth Camp this year, we are asking each church to help donate foods for the kids.  There will also be a camp store available for those who wish to participate.  Keep in mind that all ages, 7-18, are attending this camp as well as adults, so a variety of drinks and snacks is preferable.  If you want to contribute but just don’t have the time; money is being accepted in lieu of snacks. 


Please Donate!!

Cash Donations:  for Pizza Party


Paper Products: 

1600 Paper Plates

400 Styrofoam Bowls

400 Set of Plastic eating utensils

Napkins and Paper Towels


Breakfast and Lunch:

12 Gallons of Milk and Juice

Fresh Fruit

Jellies/ Butter/ Salt and Pepper

40 Loafs of Bread

Peanut Butter and Jelly (enough for 200 sandwiches)

Sliced Cheese (enough for 200 sandwiches)


Cookies/ cakes



            400 Hamburger Buns and Hamburger Patties

            400 Hotdog Buns and Hotdogs

            Bags of French Fries

            Bags of Tater Tots

            Cookies/ Cakes


Snacks for the Camp store:

            Individual chips, drinks, cakes and candies


So join in the fun of giving for this exciting time that God has blessed us with for our kids!!!

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