Camp Rules

v      Schedule – the camp schedule issued by the camp staff must be followed by all campers.

v      *Tobacco, Drugs, & alcohol – No form of tobacco, illegal drugs, or alcohol are to be used or kept on camp property.

v      Attitude – A Christ like attitude should be evident at all times.  Avoid foul language.

v      Everyone is expected to fully cooperate with the Camp staff.  The director reserves the right to send home anyone who willfully disobeys.

v      *All campers will remain within the camp boundaries, unless accompanied by staff personnel.

v      All campers will dress modestly. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. No short shorts or other extremes of dress that camp staff says is inappropriate.  Tennis shoes are a must!

v      No destroying of property.

v      No boys in girls’ dorm or girls in boys’ dorm.

v      No electronic items can be brought to camp such as radios, ipods, mp3 players, and hand-held games.

v      Cell phones are allowed, but will be given to counselor every evening before bed.  The phones may be used during free time only.  If used any time other than free time, the phones will be taken and will not be returned till the end of camp on Saturday.

v      Camp grounds are to be kept clean.

v      All campers bringing medicine must give it to the camp nurse upon arrival.

Camp Activities

Realizing Jesus


Softball    Soccer


Hiking        Football




Camp Store


(Bring own pole and bait)


Traveling East on I 64, take Exit 11 (Hal Greer Blvd.) Go South on Route 10, approximately 12 miles. The camp is on the left. The sign reads: Asbury Woods Camp and Retreat Center.

Traveling West on I 64, take Exit 18 (Barboursville). Go to Route 60 (turn right, Route 60, West). Go to Alternate Route 10 and turn left. Go to Route 10 (turn left, Route 10 South). Stay on Route 10 until you reach the camp on the left. The sign reads: Asbury Woods Camp and Retreat Center.

Shenandoah District Western Youth Camp

For Kids

June 29 – July 1


Grades 1-5

Asbury Woods Camp and Retreat Center
5348 State Route 10
Salt Rock, WV 25559
Phone: 304-948-1020

What to Bring

-Please label clothes and personal items

- Bedding (sleeping bag and pillow)

- Personal items (toothbrush & tooth paste, soap)

- Towels and wash cloths


- journal or notebook and pencils

-Jacket for cooler evenings (check forecast)

- Flashlight

-1 pc bathing suit (No exceptions)

- Tennis shoes . . . A MUST!!

What NOT To Bring

- Radios, mp3. IPods, Cell phones or Electronic games

- Anything else that will attract “sticky” fingers or

Distract the camper from the activities

Registration Procedure

- Complete both sides of attached registration form.

-By signing this registration form you give permission for your child to participate in all camp activities.

-Mail registration form and $60 registration fee by June 4th to:

Brenda Harshbarger

Make checks payable to:

 Shenandoah District Western

Youth Camp

1418 West Main Street

Milton, WV  25541

Arrive at Asbury Woods Wednesday morning

June 29th

Registration runs from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm


Morning devotions and teaching provided by
Bethany Bible College Premier Youth

Worship Team!!


PRAISE and Worship every evening with Bethany Bible College and

Lift Ministries

Worship Band


Special Combined Rally with the Teens Wednesday at 1:00pm!



-Depart: Friday afternoon, July 1, 2011 – between 4 and 5:00pm

Please have the person responsible for picking up your child at the campground before 3:00 pm Friday July 1st 

 Email Administrator:
Providing Qualitily Christian Education, in affiliation with:
Shenandoah District Western
Youth Camp

1418 West Main Street
Milton, WV  25541